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Annual Meetings


Members’ present.
Meeting called to order at 11:00am and started with a word of prayer and read the scriptures in John 17: 20-21.
Everyone was asked to introduce themselves after which Bishop Gerishon welcomed all to the meeting. He informed them the reason for calling this meeting was to discuss the church matters as discussed by government in the Sunday Nation Newspaper of 3rd Jan, 2016.

He said the new rules are targeting the small churches and urging them to have an umbrella body. Most of the big churches already have umbrella bodies and they have been complying with all the rules the government (govt) has on churches, such as making returns to the govt, audits, ordaining Ministers who have attended theology school.
One person asked, what does the govt want from us?
The problem started with us when some clergy, exposed themselves that they are not educated to do the work of a clergy.

The pentacostal preachers are showing off, kind of telling everyone that they are misusing church funds.
In the year 2000, God spoke to Bishop Gerishon and showed him that this present problem will one time occur. He called a few pastors and told them about it but nobody backed him.
Later on the Lord helped him to register a body called the Communion of Christian Churches in Kenya (CCCK)
The work of the body is to provide 3 things.
1. An ecclesiastical
2. Training
3. leadership
It went through in Dec, 2008 and was registered.
Bishop said he was calling them to this umbrella organization.

There are positions to be filled:
Secretary, assist Secretary, Treasurer, Administrator and three members.
Already we have the Founder Chairman and his deputy.
After the organization fills the offices, we shall then invite all others to join. We are the executive.
The return forms are already changed and they are asking you to record the umbrella organization.
Members requested to understand the constitution, so it was read to the members
All those who wish to join will be supported to meet the requirements of the government;

1. They must have gone to a theological school and attained a degree or a diploma in theology.
2. This society has a theological college registered and accredited in Australia.

Bishop Ngaruiya added that the media will not be giving preachers to broadcast anything unless they are verified. In today’s Standard Newspaper, has an article that is saying that you cannot make an alter call on air.
The only lady in the meeting asked, what would happen to those older people who were called to Ministry and had not gone to school. The answer was, that all Ministers must study and be certified.

So calling is from God, and after that, you get further education and certification.
This society will protect you when you become a member, as you start the theology course.
One member requested the we stick to the subscription of ksh 5000 and an annual subscription of ksh 5000.

1. That since we are in January when we are supposed to pay the annual subscription by 15th January, and the initial registration is required of ksh 5000, it may be a burden to some churches to manage the 10,000 at a go. So this need to be looked into.
2. Bishop then took members through the Society Registration form and their requirements.
3. The form once filled will be filed in the office and the church given the certificate. 
Office bearers:

Chairman: Arch Bishop Gerishon Njoroge – Wings of Life Gospel Church Int.
Asst Chairman: Bishop HarunNgaruiya, (Soul Winning Revival Church)
  ID No: 2337513
P.O.Box 762 Limuru.
Mobile: 0722833457
Secretary: Proposed John Rev. Ndungu, seconded by Arch Bishop Kangethe. Deeper Truth Worship Centre
ID No. 2034445
0726 302697
P.O Box 139- 10200, Muranga.
Asst Secretary: Bishop Francis NjorogeMuthee proposed by AliudNdungu and seconded by Rev. NdunguMwangi
ID No. 0524165; Box 10772, 00400, Nairobi; 0727399228; email:
Treasurer: Proposed Rev. Michael Kironji by Sis Beatrice Wanjiru and seconded by Arch Bishop Kangethe;
IDNo.29478010; 0721779153; Box 833, Ruiru. Email:
Administrator : Arch Bishop Peter NdunguKangethe – International Pentecostal Fellowship Church (Kenya), proposed by HarunNgaruiya and seconded by Bishop Kiragu. ID No 0090945; Box 22, 00207, Namanga; email:
Member: Rev. Beatrice Wanjiru; IDNo 4948752; 0711500252, Box 252, 00232, Thome pry Sch, Ruiru. Email:
Member: Bishop John Okinet – The Holy Temple for the Lord Jesus Christ, Isiolo. IDNo.0182807; Box 1056- 00232, Isiolo.
Member: Aliud Kamau- Revival Fellowship Int. Church.
ID No 5769533, 0725884514, box 52, South KInangop.
Added Member: Rev. Ndungu P. Mwangi- ID 5713965; 0723284948; BOX 2089, KIAMBU; Apostolic Restoration Church
The Secretary will get the rest of the details:
The churches were urged to bring their registration fee before next week ends.
All must be registered to the theological school.
Have an office from which to operate.
Now we should start the recruitment drive.
We should now have a major meeting to bring all the Pastors together.
The government laws are starting to operate by end of January 2016.
It was passed that an Account be opened immediately by the office bearers. The proposed bank was Kenya Commercial Bank which has branches all over Kenya and has easy requirements.
Registration funds:
1. Arch Bishop Gerishon – 2,000
2. Bishop Francis Njoroge – 2,000
3. Rev. NdunguMwangi – 2,000
4. Bishop JohnKiragu – 2,000

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